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We provide a lock repair and new lock installation service in Pontefract and surrounding areas. We specialise in sash locks, uPVC locks, uPVC locksming mechanisms and snap-safe locks.

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Lock Repairs Pontefract - No Call Out Fee

Are the door handles on your uPVC door sagging? Has a lock on your property become stiff, or difficult to lock? This usually means that the lock needs to be repaired, serviced or replaced. Some locks, particularly multi-point locks, which are often found on uPVC patio doors can become faulty due to wear and tear. In some instances, it is possible to repair the locking mechanism instead of replacing the whole unit which of course will save you money rather than having it replaced. In other instances, the lock may fail due to its age and wear and tear which is inevitable. You can expect to get around 10-12 years use out of a decent lock before it fails. We will always repair a lock where possible to keep your costs down but in some cases, it is impossible to repair a lock in which case we can provide you with a new one.

Lock Upgrades Pontefract

Pontefract Locksmith Solutions also provides a lock upgrade service. With burglaries on the rise in Pontefract and particularly ‘lock-snapping’ on the rise we recommend that you consider having your locks upgraded to high security, snap-safe locks. Most burglar’s method of entry is by simply snapping a lock off using a set of mole grips which takes around 10 seconds to enter a property without making much more noise than if you were opening the lock with the keys. Having high security anti-snap locks installed prevents the locks from being snapped and more often than not will deter a burglar from even attempting to gain entry to your home or business.

If you have home insurance, most insurance companies now require your home to have a certain standard of lock installed on your property to validate your insurance policy. If you have sub-standard locks installed on your property and a burglar breaks in, it is possible that your insurance provider will not pay out for any damage or loss of goods due to not having sufficient locks installed. We always fit high quality, branded insurance approved locks to our customers properties to give you that peace of mind.

If you are unsure whether or not your locks are poor quality locks and are vulnerable to a burglary, then contact Pontefract Locksmith Solutions today for a free no obligation security survey. We will survey your property and identify what areas are vulnerable to break ins and advise you on how to best secure your property and give you advice on the best locks to enable you to do this.

We have a wide variety of locks and locking mechanisms in stock, so we are able to complete most of our jobs on the first visit.

If you require any of our lock change or new lock installation services, then contact Pontefract Locksmith Solutions today for a free no obligation quotation on 01924 637498 or 07515 677899.