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uPVC Door and Window Locks

Pontefract Locksmith Solutions provides a 24 hour uPVC window and door repair service in Pontefract. We provide a uPVC lock repair and installation service.

Pontefract Locksmith Solutions
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Pontefract, Leeds, Wakefield, Doncaster and Barnsley.

uPVC Door & Window Repairs Pontefract

After years of wear and tear it is common for uPVC window and door mechanisms to fail. This is completely normal, as the moving parts inside the mechanism eventually fail. In some instances, it is possible for us to repair the mechanism as apposed to replacing it which of course will save you the customer money. If the mechanism has failed completely, then we would have to replace the whole mechanism. We will always repair a uPVC mechanism where possible and we will also make the necessary adjustments to the door or window to ensure a smooth operation.

uPVC doors are locked by a multipoint lock which means that the lock locks in several positions up the length of the mechanism. The reason they fail is simply down to wear and tear, you can expect a mechanism to last for around 10-12 years before they start showing signs of wear. When we attend a job with a faulty mechanism we will be able to diagnose the issue for you straight away and be able to give you an accurate price before any work starts. If you have a failing mechanism on any of your doors in Pontefract, then contact us today on 01924 637498 or 07515677899

uPVC Locks Pontefract

Pontefract Locksmith Solutions also provides a uPVC lock upgrade service in Pontefract and the surrounding areas. We offer a range of high security locks that meet TS007 standards and we have something to suit most budgets. We are seeing a rise in burglaries in the Pontefract area and the most common method of entry for a would be burglar is through a uPVC door by snapping the lock. We highly recommend that you have your uPVC locks upgraded to snap-safe locks to prevent burglars from entering your property in under 10 seconds.

If you are unsure of what type of locks you have on your uPVC door in the Pontefract area then contact us today for a free no obligation security survey where we will survey your property and establish what parts of your property are vulnerable to break in and we can give you advice on how you can better secure your property. You can contact us on 01924 637498 or 07515 677899.

If you require any uPVC lock repairs or uPVC door repairs in Pontefract then contact one of our experts for a free no obligation quotation on 01924 637498 or 07515 677899.

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