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Winter Home Security Tips

21st October 2020

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winter security

Winter is almost here and with it comes a higher risk of break-ins, this is mainly due to the long dark nights, burglars can use the darkness to there advantage allowing them more time to gain entry to a home unseen. This is why now is a good time to consider your home security measures and see it there is any room for improvement as it may go a long way towards defending your property from unwanted intruders.

Our team at Pontefract Locksmith Solutions has put together a helpful guide on what you can to to better secure your property this winter:

  • Upgrade locks – any old or substandard locks you have at your property particularly those fitted to the external doors will need upgrading. Even if you have BS3621 lock fitted already but they are showing signs of wear or damage they will need replacing as soon as possible with new high security locks that are in tip top working order.
  • Sliding and French Doors – These types of doors are particularly susceptible to wear and tear, they may become stiff and misaligned. A good local locksmith will be able to repair the doors as well as offer tips on additional security measures such as pat locks as sliding doors are a common point of entry for burglars.
  • Use Lights – any dark spots on the outside of your property such as alleyways, porch, driveways should be well lit, sensored lights are good for this, they will be triggered by movements so if someone is approaching your property the lights will come on and the cover of darkness has been taken away and it works as a good deterrent to any potential burglars.
  • Light Timers – putting certain lights on timers also acts as a good deterrent for burglars, this will create the impression that someone is home as a dark house is a huge giveaway that a property is empty.
  • Don’t Forget Outbuildings – Any gardening equipment, tools or other such items you may need storing away should be properly secured, make sure you have high security locks fitted to garages and outbuildings. It is also worth checking current locks to make sure there is no signs of wear or damage, if this is the case then they will need replacing as soon as possible.

If you need more help improving your home security or need help upgrading locks or implementing any of the other security measures, we have mentioned then contact Pontefract Locksmith Solutions today – 01924 637498






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