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Window Locks: Why Should They Be Upgraded?

27th July 2020

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When it comes to looking at ways to improve your home or business security one thing that often gets overlooked is the windows as the main focus tends to be on the external doors. Home security is something that should be considered regardless of the time of years, as burglaries happen all year round so it is important to make sure your security measures are all working as they should and if there are any areas that can be improved upon. Your doors may already have the most secure locks on but what about your windows? Burglars often use windows as an entry point so if they are not secure then this can leave your property vulnerable to a break-in.

Reduce Risk and Save Money

When you upgrade the locks on the windows at your property not only are you improving the overall security of your property but you may also find that you save a bit of money on your insurance premiums. As you may already know insurers have a minimum standard of lock that they require you to have installed on your door but what you might not know is that they also have a minimum standard for window locks as well, so if you don’t have your window locks upgraded and you fall victim to a break-in you may find that your insurance policy is valid.

If you think that your window locks aren’t up to scratch or fear they don’t meet your insurers minimum standards then there’s no need to worry our team here at Pontefract Locksmith Solutions have put together a helpful guide to help you overcome this issue.

Different Window and Lock Types

The first thing that you need to know what type of window that you have and from there it will be easy to figure out what lock is going to be a suitable upgrade for your window security and also meet or even exceed your insurers minimum requirements.

Sash Windows – This type of windows are able to slide past each other, so to improve the security of this type of window you will need to have either stops, or sash jammers, these work by preventing the sash windows from sliding past each other.

Casement Windows – This type of window usually requires two locks, one on the large handle at the bottom and another on the other smaller side handle. You can choose to either have the handles replaced by new handles with locks integrated into them or you can have lock installed in your existing handles.

Fanlight Windows – a swing lock can be used to secure this type of window. This allows you to reach in and unlock a larger window. Another option is having mortice window bolts installed.

UPVC Windows – These windows usually come fitted with good quality key operated locks already integrated within them. One thing to look out for though is problems with the handles, if they are faulty this shouldn’t be ignored your local locksmith will be able to either repair or replace them for you.

If you would like to know more about how you can improve the security of the windows at your property, then contact Pontefract Locksmith Solutions today – 01924 637498

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