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Home Security: Sash Jammers

4th October 2021

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Sash jammers are small and inexpensive devices that attach to a window or door to increase its overall security level helping to improve home security. These are usually used on uPVC windows and doors and once they are installed the handle can pivot and secure over the door or window frame making it more difficult for any sort of forced entry.

It is important to remember that although sash jammers are a great tool for adding an extra level of security, they shouldn’t be used as your main or only protection. As such it’s also vital you have high quality multipoint locking mechanisms and cylinders which meet or exceed current British standards – TS007

“Sash Jacking”, known in the trade- vernacular amongst locksmiths (and alarm technicians) has become more popular over recent years because there seems little stopping criminals intent on breaking into properties nowadays; not just once but repeatedly if possible!

Sash jammers can be a life saver for some, but not all. If you’re in the market to buy one just make sure it’s really worth your time and money before heading out because most sash jammer cannons are fairly cheap at around £10-£100 with even better quality ones going up over £200! These devices will guarantee that any burglar trying to break into your home will have quite an arduous task ahead of them, this could just be the difference between a break-in and an attempted break-in as burglars prefer quick and easy in and out jobs and if they are having trouble gaining entry to your property they may give up and find an easier target before they risk getting caught!

Home security measures are not a one-time thing, they must be constantly looked at and improved upon. The security industry never stops coming up with new innovative ways to combat burglars and keep your home as safe and secure as possible for you!

If you want sash jammers installing or need help with any other home security measures then contact Pontefract Locksmith Solutions today – 01924 637498

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