4 Scenarios You Will Need A Locksmith

24th February 2020

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There are many reasons why you may need to call out a locksmith, however some are much more common than others. Below our team at Pontefract Locksmith Solutions have put together a helpful guide on the 4 most common locksmith call outs so should you ever find yourself in one of these scenarios you will know exactly what to do.

Locked Out – This is unbelievably common, and it is likely that you will experience being locked out of a property at least once in your lifetime. Being locked out can be a very frustrating experience, fortunately help is only ever a quick call away. Your local emergency locksmith will be able to gain entry to your property without causing any damage and if necessary they will be able to change the locks in the same visit to ensure that your home remain secure and that only you and those you trust have a copy of the key. When calling a locksmith to come and gain entry to your property you should always ask them over the phone before you book if they are able to gain entry to your property without causing any damage as some locksmith will just drill the lock and change it in order to charge more!

Lock Upgrades – It is becoming more common for locksmiths to receive calls to come and upgrade existing locks. This is mainly due to insures stricter guidelines on their minimum requirements for locks. If your locks don’t meet or exceed BS3621 then it is likely that an insure wont provide you with cover, similarly, if you already have a policy in place and your locks are substandard you may find that if you were to fall victim to a break in your insure will not be willing to pay out on any claims made.

As well as this people also call a locksmith to come and change the locks when they move into a new property to ensure that they are the only ones with a copy of a key to their new home. Overall most lock upgrades and changes are done to improve the overall security of a property regardless of the reason behind it.

Lock Repairs – This is also a common call out for locksmiths, like anything else over time locks are susceptible to wear and tear. When you lock fails it is not always necessary to change the lock completely, sometimes a simple repair will do the job. It is always best to call out your local locksmith as they will be able to diagnose the problem and advise the best course of action.

Burglary Damage – Burglaries are an incredibly common occurrence, if you have had a break in then it is vital that you get your home secure again as soon as possible. Your local locksmith will be able to come and make necessary repairs such as change or repair locks and board up any broken windows.  Fortunately, there are measures you can put in place to help prevent this from happening to you. Your local locksmith will be able to come and visit your property and carry out a security assessment, they will then be able to advise you on the best security measures you can put in place and also implement them for you if you choose to do so.

If you require the services of a locksmith for any of the situations mentioned above, then contact Pontefract Locksmith Solutions Today – 01924 637498